Commercial Deep Fryers – Factors You Should Consider Before Buying

Do you want perfection every time you bite into a piece of fried chicken, donut, French fries, corn-dog, or cheese sticks? If you’re thinking about buying a commercial deep fryer to end all your deep frying woes, here are some things you should consider before footing the bill.

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I’m not really a big fan of fried food. But as a mom, there are days when I just can’t stand the pleas for fried chicken or corn-dogs or donuts. And because I am a perfectionist, I hate serving soggy or greasy fried food to my children and husband.

Are you thinking of getting a deep fryer? Before you head to the store, here are four things you should consider:

1. Portability and Storage

Take a look around your kitchen. Where are you planning to put your deep fryer? Make sure you clear a space for your new equipment and measure it out. If you’re getting an electric fryer, place it near an outlet. You wouldn’t want to be using extension cords.

Since you would probably want to keep your fryer out of sight after use, get one that’s portable and easy to store. Just a reminder: don’t put your fryer near your stove, burner, or kitchen door. Cook safely.

2. Temperature Control

Another important feature you should check for is the temperature settings. Stay away from super simple settings with general displays like low, medium, and high. Being able to control the temperature of your fryer is crucial in producing perfect fried food.

3. Capacity

How many people are you feeding? Check the food capacity of the fryer you want to buy.

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