Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Foundation

The Story Of Our Logo

If you were a winged insect, what would you be?

Christina-Taylor Green would be a beautiful striped green and blue butterfly with wings that reached up to the sky, and big dark eyes.

When winter break 2010 came along, Christina-Taylor and her classmates at Mesa Verde Elementary in Tucson left their latest art projects on the drying rack at school.

They were still there on January 8, 2011.

The precious butterfly would be Christina-Taylor’s last drawing, and it would be the power that made the foundation established in her memory take off and fly.

Christina-Taylor loved art, so when her teacher gave the students an assignment to create a winged insect that represented who they are inside, the ambitious third grader took it very seriously.

Teacher Jill Coulter sad she wanted the students to “have the opportunity to open a window to the perspective of their third grade life and personality.”

“I’m very thankful the Greens have taken that piece and made it into a symbol for Christina.”

The drawing along with a box of thank you cards to be used by the Green family were given to them by Mesa Verde Elementary School after January 8, 2011.

 This is the story of our logo and how it came to be!