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The Christina-Taylor Green
Memorial Scholarship

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To honor Christina-Taylor's memory, Running Start created a scholarship in her name for their flagship program, The Young Women Political Leadership Program. This program is held for a week every July in Washington, DC, and is a hands-on seminar educating our participants about politics, and teaching them what it takes to become a political leader.

Although the program is geared for high school students, the Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Scholarship will be given to a mature young woman between 9 and 18 years old, from Southern Arizona who is already interested in politics and dreaming about running for office. The Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Scholarship will allow us to identify and mentor young girls like Christina-Taylor so that their spark of interest in politics and leadership increases as they move through high school, college and beyond.

Applications for The Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Scholarship will be available sometime in January 2013. Girls age 9-18 from Southern Arizona are eligible to apply. Please note that girls under the age of 14 are required to bring a chaperone to the program. The scholarship will include accommodations and airfare for the student and a parent or a guardian to attend the program with the scholarship winner.

Students can apply directly for the Scholarship at

For more information, please contact Running Start at or at 240-235-6013.

Zyanya Figueroa 2012

Zyanya Figueroa - Winner of the 2012 Christina-Taylor Green "Running Start" scholarship.

"When the mercury hits below 75, I get nervous."

At the tender age of 11, Zyanya Figueroa knows what’s important in life: Family, service, school and Tucson sunshine. Zyanya is a student at Thornydale Elementary School in the Marana District. She wants to make a difference in our world. She is student council president and editor of the school newspaper. Her dad jokes that controlling the government and the press is way too much power for one person!

Zyanya will be the youngest participant in the Running Start women's political leadership program this summer in Washington, D.C. The five-day workshop is all about empowering girls to channel their leadership skills into politics.

Zyanya says her homeroom teacher tells her there are not enough women leaders, and to "never be afraid to be the smart one."

That is not a problem for Zyanya. She is an avid reader and an excellent student. She lives with her mom and dad, her brother, and the family pets. A native of Tucson, Zyanya says, "I am definitely a "desert rat." I stand proud of this fact, like the Saguaros that dot my tiara."Zyanya Figueroa - Winner of the 2012 Christina-Taylor Green "Running Start" scholarship.

Christina-Taylor’s mom says, Zyanya is a young lady that Christina-Taylor would be proud to know.