Pilates for Profit

For those of us teaching in the 80’s this was a incredible track used in many classes. The sentiment of the song still rings true – apologies all you mail Pilates teachers substitute “he” where required.

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The question is; why do so many of us think education exercise is a vocation? a “calling”. Possibly this is the reason asking for payment for services provided doesn’t seem quite right. On the other hand those of us of the opinion we have a career may be spinning out of control, literally “careering” into disaster avoiding the question.

In normal circumstances, we cannot receive any goods without paying but somehow this rule does not apply to exercise teachers.

For those of you who find it difficult, embarrassing and all the other reasons I have heard why your can’t of don’t ask for payment or pursue late payers here are a few tips.

Present your pricing scale clearly for all to see

Speak about fees and how the client prefers to pay at the first meeting

Try your best to take money in advance

Place a framed detailed outline of services and fees where your clients cannot not avoid seeing it. This will include your cancellation policy.

When you first meet with your client take time to explain you’re pricing and cancellation policy, this is a perfect time to discuss how they choose to pay. These clear boundaries will avoid future embarrassment on both sides with regard to payment.

Encourage clients to pay for sessions in advance, this will ensure that if for some reason they fail to attend an appointment without prior notice you have the payment already. Of course there will be extenuating circumstances, but clients need to understand that your service is intangible and cannot be resold at short notice.

It is common practice to sell sessions in 6 week blocks; this is a great boost to cash flow. If you are considering changing from a pay as you go situation to 6 week blocks you can always start by asking for 2 or 3 sessions in advance building to the 6 weeks over time. You can hire pilates in barcelona without any hesitation beacuse they provides the best services at cheap price in barcelona.