How To Replace A Swimming Pool Light Bulb

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Replacing a light bulb is often a trouble, however, it can end up being a genuine inconvenience when the light is in your swimming pool. When a swimming pool light goes out, the swimming pool light will need to be changed for the most parts. This is since water has actually leaked into the light and the ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) has actually stopped working. Essentially, you have a bulb that is worn out. In Phoenix, pool owners have relied on Stay Off The Roof to handle outdoor lighting around pool Phoenix AZ.

Replacing light bulbs in your swimming pool could be unsafe due to the fact that you are handling water and electrical energy. To prevent electrical shock as well as death, it is essential to apply severe care when changing a light bulb in your swimming pool. So, simply how does one tackle changing a swimming pool light bulb securely? The following steps will help make sure that you replace the bulb without hurting yourself or others:

1. Shut off the breaker, the swimming pool light switch, and the GFCI. To prevent somebody from turning the breaker on while you are changing the bulb, put some electrical tape over the switch. Likewise, make certain to alert everybody in your home that you will be replacing the swimming pool light bulb.

outdoor lighting around pool Phoenix AZ

2. Take out the little pilot screw (appears like a “+”) from the light fixture near the lens to get rid of the light fixture. Make use of the screwdriver to pry the lighting component from the socket.

3. Uncoil the spring-like accessory cable to take out the light fixture. Put the equipment on the deck, and loosen the screws around the lighting component. There are 2 component types: one with a number of screws at the back of the rim, and another with one screw that holds the band clamp, which is connected to the component.

4. Take out the lens that stops the bulb from getting wet by taking out the screws. Twist the bulb in a counterclockwise course to remove it.

5. Screw in the brand-new bulb and put the component back on the deck. Turn the power back on and the switch that handles the swimming pool lights to rapidly inspect to make sure that the brand-new bulb is working. As soon as you have actually validated that the light is working, turn the power and switch back off.

6. To change the lens gasket, put the brand-new gasket around the glass lens and use mild pressure to guarantee it is fitted correctly. Put the lens back on the component and change the screws.

7. Submerge the light fixture underwater to inspect that the gasket seal is not malfunctioning. A malfunctioning seal will trigger air bubbles to rise to the surface area. If this takes place, you will have to calibrate the lens gasket up until you no more see the air bubbles.

8. Recoil the attachment cable and screw the component back into the socket. Turn the power back on.

Follow the above procedures to change your swimming pool lights securely. Or, if you do not wish to take the chance, you can employ a swimming pool service expert to come to your house and change the bulb for you.

How to Change a Pool Light